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MAT Program PAPER Certificate set OPTIONAL PRODUCT (8/1/19 and later classes, certified mail)

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Product Description

For MAT Program classes successfully completed from 8/1/19 onward, you do not need to have a traditional paper MAT Program certificate for Licensing purposes. Instead, you can log in to your MAT Online Certificate account and print out your certificate record for free at your convenience. You are required to provide a free printout of your MAT Certificate record to your employer so that they can document your completion to Licensing. You should have been given a handout during your MAT class (Handout 8.2) that provides instructions on how to access your online MAT Certificate account. If you have misplaced this handout, you can download it from the MAT Program website (mat.medhomeplus.org).

However, you do have the OPTION to order a "traditional" paper MAT Certificate set if you would like one. Remember, this is NOT REQUIRED for Licensing purposes!! The paper certificate set includes two certificates issued in your name (unless you specify otherwise). These certificates will be delivered by certified, electronic signature return receipt mail.

Here are important instructions on how to order an OPTIONAL paper MAT Program certificate set:

The paper certificate set will be mailed to you by USPS certified mail with electronic signature return receipt. Someone will need to sign for the certificate set.

If you are ordering duplicate certificates for someone other than yourself, please put THAT PERSON'S First Name in the "First Name on Certificate" field, and their Last Name in the "Last Name on Certificate" field.

When you get to the payment screen, enter the first and last name of the PERSON WHOSE CREDIT CARD IS BEING USED to pay for the certificates on that screen.

WARNING - you are only eligible to order a duplicate certificate set for a class that you (or the person you specify) has passed within the last three years.

This product is NOT REFUNDABLE

If you have any question about whether you are eligible to order a paper certificate set, please contact Medical Home Plus at support@mat.freshdesk.com and we will be happy to check our database to verify your certification status.

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